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1601 B Alice Street, Waycross GA

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Patient Reviews

"Thanks for another wonderful experience in dental hygiene and treatment. Driving the distance is well-worth gaining the benefit of healthy teeth which are integral aspect of overall health. Furthermore, the staff here should be the sort of professionals in every dental office. I love it!! I must add… I'm a real fraidy-cat but Dr. Crummey & staff quite my fears easily. Again, Thanks and I'd recommend you to all the people of the world."


"My first visit to see Dr. Crummey was the best exam I have ever experienced. The exam was very thorough and I was treated very professional and friendly by Dr. Crummey and his staff. I had a filling this morning and I have zero pain. I am glad to have found a great dentist, Thanks for everything!"


"Why I like going to the dentist:

  1. Keeps my teeth healthy.
  2. They do a great job!
  3. If I'm a good girl I get a toy when I'm done.
  4. Dr. Crummey is going to seal my teeth to keep them clean.
  5. They are very nice.
  6. It's fun to keep your teeth clean.
  7. I love 'Mr. Thirsty'."

Rachel (7 years old)

"Dr. Crummey,
Since moving back to Pennsylvania, I have been to the dentist twice. Dr_ has commented on the wonderful dental work that you have done. He has stated that you are his kind of dentist and that he doesn't often see such great dental work. He has said this not once, but both times. Believe me, it is high praise coming from him.

I would like to also say that you have the best office staff. They always have a smile and kind word. I never had to think about what my insurance covered and what I owed. It was done for me. I was just told ‘This is what your insurance will pay and this is what you owe’. Never any surprises. I sure do appreciate that.

The dental hygienists that work in your office are superb. They know how to clean teeth. I don't know how they did it. But my teeth always felt so clean when they were finished.

Y'all deserve mega pats on the back. Thank you all so very much."


"If you are looking for a dentist in the Waycross area, Dr. Crummey and his staff are there for you. They are professional and courteous. This office is lovely and inviting. Dr. Crummey is great at giving people a wonderful smile. It is nice to get a dental staff that really appreciates your business."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Crummey's for years. I continue to be very pleased with the care I receive from his practice. Dr. Crummey makes every effort to provide thorough information about procedures, what your options are, and his recommendations for the best results. Another thing I like is that he makes you feel at ease by clearly explaining what he's doing while you're in the chair and he always tells you to call if you have any questions or any problems. His entire staff is efficient, informative and friendly. In summation, Dr. Crummey is a highly skilled dentist who is totally dedicated to providing his patients with superior care and concern.


"Thank you Dr. Crummey for making arrangements to see my grand-daughter, to fix her ‘hurting teeth’. We really appreciate your compassion on this precious six year old. Your staff (and treasure chest) are great to her.

Jo Anne

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Dr Crummey,
You and your staff have certainly exceeded my expectations! I have never felt so confident and assured as I have at my numerous dental appointments. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to make me feel as if I was your only client of the day. You listened to my concerns and we made a plan that worked from the beginning. The fact that we took things slow and made sure that everything was right as time progressed led to a beautiful, healthy smile. I truly can't say enough about how satisfied I am with my smile! I truly appreciate you and your truly competent staff. I have and will continue to ‘sing your praise’ as a dentist. Thank you again for restoring my smile and my confidence!