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family dentist in Waycross

Children's Dentistry

Creating a positive dental experience for your child is an important part of helping them develop healthy habits as they grow up. We recommend that children over 3 years of age be seen in our office for routine dental cleanings and preventive care twice a year. At each visit, we will pace our approach so their time with us fun and interesting!

Your child's dental examination will include a review of current digital dental x-rays as needed to give you an assessment of their oral health. We may recommend dental sealants and fluoride treatments for your child to provide additional protection against tooth decay.

Protect those smiles! Custom mouth guards can prevent broken teeth and jaw injuries during sports activities. Custom-made mouth guards are fabricated to fit your child’s teeth and achieve a much better fit than over-the-counter types, offering a greater level of protection.

Your Family Dentist in Waycross

At Dental Care Associates of Waycross, we want every member of your family to have a comfortable experience in our care. Dental needs change as we mature, as do the procedures and preventive measures that we take to address them.

Preventive Dentistry is a Good Investment

Along with a good home care routine of brushing and flossing, regular preventive dentistry visits 2-4 times per year are your best defense against tooth decay, gum disease and developing more serious (and costly) dental conditions.

At each preventive care visit, your dentist and hygienist will perform a complete dental cleaning and examination. We will check for signs of decay or periodontal (gum) disease and conduct a thorough oral cancer screening. After a complete assessment, your dentist will advise you of any conditions that require attention.

Restorative Care

Broken or missing teeth can affect a patient's overall health and self-confidence. Our goal is to return your smile to a pain-free, healthy state that is easier to clean and maintain. We can assist you with a plan to restore your smile health and confidence.

Our Dentists have helped numerous patients rebuild their smiles with restorative and cosmetic procedures such as fillings, crowns, root canals, porcelain veneers, dental implants and dentures.